Client: Marry Gunawan, Bali – Indonesia

Marry Gunawan is the owner of  Baliworlds acts as the sourcing agent for overseas clients.
From Department Stores, Wholesale distributors, Individual retail stores, Architects, and Interior designers from the hospitality sector. We devote ourselves to become the One-Stop Service Provider to our clients to make sure their buying business is as easy as they can imagine.


Jl. Gunung Salak 183, 80117 Denpasar Bali – Indonesia
t: +62 (0)361 731031 e:

Design Done: Love from Bali Post Card Design

Love from Bali
For insiders of the occult, the island Bali is known as a female scorpio island.
This feminine energy vibe finds its expression in the extreme creativity of the native population as well as in their daily rituals.
Everywhere you travel on the island you will see people involved with creating beauty as an expression of their love and devotion for life.
And it’s true, almost in any household on our planet we might find a sparkle of love from Bali materialized in a handmade item such as an ashtray, a skillfully handcrafted vase or a sensual, hand-painted artwork.

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